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There has always seemed to me something magical about places of transit. Airports, train stations, motorway service stations. Everyone there is going somewhere, many of them very far away. It is a place where there are crowds of people who otherwise would never have been in such close proximity. They come together in one hubContinue reading “Transit”

The Essence of Morning

Over the years I have found the distinction between being a ‘morning lark’ or a ‘night owl’ difficult to ascertain. I don’t think we are all strictly one or the other, although there are certainly those of us who are. Many of us lie somewhere the middle, in my opinion. If I were to chooseContinue reading “The Essence of Morning”


Hello from my desk, where I just finished eating the best cherries I’ve had so far this year. It is those little things which bring me the greatest joy, those tiny moments which don’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of things yet really, they make up everything. If you can’t live in theContinue reading “Intro”

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